Sainsbury’s stops production and sales of own-brand plastic tampon applicators

Sainsbury's has stopped producing plastic applicator tampons following Ella Daish's environmental campaign
’s has stopped generating the goods following Ella Daish’s environmental marketing campaign (Picture: ClareTalks/Ella Daish/Bloomberg)

Sainsbury’s has stopped generating and promoting own-brand plastic tampon applicators amid rising issues over their have an effect on at the atmosphere.

The grocery store large showed the scoop to kingdom, announcing the landmark transfer used to be phase of its efforts to minimise the use of ‘unnecessary plastic’.

It comes after campaigner, Ella Daish, 26, introduced a viral petition early final yr calling on producers to make all menstrual merchandise plastic loose.

Sainsbury’s is the primary resolution maker at the marketing campaign to make the transfer and may have merchandise got rid of from its cabinets via the tip of this month.

A spokesperson mentioned: ‘We are now not generating an own-brand vary of compact plastic tampon applicators.

‘This is one of a range of steps we are taking to minimise our impact on the and remove unnecessary plastic.’

Sanitary products on supermarket shelf
Around 2.five billion of girls’s duration merchandise are flushed away yearly (Picture: Ella Daish)

Every day, 2.five million tampons, 1.four million pads and 700,000 pantyliners are wrongly flushed down bathrooms.



They finally end up washed up on seashores or incinerated in huge landfills – additional contributing to damaging CO2 emissions.

Ella, of Cardiff, Wales, mentioned she used to be ‘delighted’ on the information after tirelessly campaigning for the final 18 months, together with her petition garnering nearly 200,000 signatures.

‘This is huge news. It’s so innovative and it’s the sort of trade we’d like supermarkets to be making,’ she informed kingdom.

‘It just goes to show that awareness is rising and a change is desired by so many people’.

Ella Daish, 26, has been campaigning for 18 months over plastic period waste
Ella, 26, has been campaigning for 18 months to result in trade (Picture: Ella Daish)

Plastic duration waste at a look

Period merchandise are the 5th maximum not unusual plastic waste discovered on seashores, in line with the European Commission.

Up to two.five billion of menstrual merchandise are flushed away yearly in the United Kingdom, contributing to 200,000 tonnes of landfills.

Every yr, 11,000,000,000 rainy wipes also are flushed in the United Kingdom, contributing to 93 consistent with cent of sewage blockages.

Menstrual merchandise can take as much as 500 years to damage down because of the quantity of plastic they comprise.

That is over seven occasions the typical lifetime of an individual the use of them.

Plastic tampon applicator waste on beach
Every day 2.five million tampons are flushed down the bathroom (Picture: ClareTalks/Twitter)
Sainsbury's stops selling plastic tampon applicators after petition
Ella mentioned there’s ‘no excuse’ for large producers to stay the use of plastic in menstrual merchandise (Picture: Ella Daish)

Ella mentioned duration merchandise are ceaselessly forgotten within the combat in opposition to single-use plastic, with baggage, bottles and straws normally dominating the dialog.

‘It’s no longer a topic that individuals wish to discuss however I knew I needed to result in trade and elevate consciousness.



‘These pads contain so much plastic you can’t even rip them in part,’ she added.

The activist mentioned she first turned into hooked in to the surroundings when she used to be a postal employee and spotted ‘just how much we are throwing away’.

But she used to be maximum ‘horrified’ to find the large environmental have an effect on of sanitary pads – which can be round 90 consistent with cent plastic – along side plastic applicator tampons and their packaging.

Young woman hands holding different types of eco-friendly feminine hygiene products - menstrual cup and tampons
Many are switching to eco-friendly choices corresponding to Mooncups and plastic applicator-free tampons (Picture: Getty)
A Sainsbury's sign. Sainsbury's became the first manufacturer to stop producing its own-brand plastic tampon applicators
Sainsbury’s turned into the primary producer at the marketing campaign to prevent generating its own-brand plastic tampon applicators (Picture: Bloomberg)

With eco-friendly choices, corresponding to Mooncups, natural cotton pads, reusable duration pants and applicator-free tampons now readily to be had, she determined to make the transfer.

The activist added: ‘But the problem stored consuming away at me. It gave the impression absurd that one thing we use for only some hours takes centuries to damage down.

‘I knew that if smaller brands were making them without plastic, then big manufacturers could as well and that there was no excuse for them not to.’

So Ella determined to release the ‘plastic-free period’ marketing campaign, together with her petition protecting menstrual pads, plastic applicator tampons, person wrappers and packaging.

Sainsbury's stops selling plastic tampon applicators after Ella Daish's environmental petition
Ella is looking on different producers to additionally make the transfer (Picture: Ella Daish)

Now Ella is hoping different primary supermarkets and main menstrual producers will observe Sainsbury’s lead.

She added: ‘There isn’t any excuse, there are such a large amount of viable choices.

‘Their plastic content is unnecessary and the harmful impact they are having is totally avoidable, which is why we must stop this at source by getting manufacturers to make change happen.’


Click right here to beef up Ella’s petition.



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