MOT fail
A driver received a rude note on his MOT
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There are many reasons to fail an MOT but your looks really shouldn’t come into it.

The driver of a Smart Car convertible was apparently pulled up for looking ‘like a proper c***’ after he failed his MOT.

That was according to the official test results that could be found on the Check MOT history section of the website.

The official reason for him failing was his rear registration plate lamp was not working but in the advisory notes, it made reference to his appearance.

We’re not sure what happened that day but he took the MOT again soon after and passed.

This time it didn’t say how he looked so he may have cheered up in between tests.

Or maybe he went to another garage and they didn’t think he looked ‘like a proper c***’.

We're not sure this is a reason a car should fail it's MOT (Picture:
Looks shouldn’t be part of an MOT (Picture:
Car mechanic at work in his auto repair shop
We hope the driver didn’t see the note (Picture: PA)

The website describes advisory items as being provided for advice but ‘if they became more serious, your vehicle may no longer be roadworthy and could require immediate attention.’



So that means if the driver had continued to look the way he did he may have failed because of it.

The MOT was done back in 2005 but the owner of the car also failed again on December 3, 2018.

This time the advisories warned about a minor exhaust leak and worn front tyre.